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Is your family prepared?

With the most comprehensive range of family sized 72 hour survival kits, has all you need to ensure your family is ready and safe for when a disaster hits.

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Protect your team

We stock a large range of office survival kits for workplaces large or small. Ensure your workplace will be ready for when a disaster may occur.

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Prepare for the wild

Ensure you have a survival supplies you need when adventuring outdoors, whether it be fire lighters, emergency stove or Freeze dry food, we have what you'll need.

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Rated Best kit

Our survival kits were featured on TV3's Target show in their Product Check segment. After comparing our kit to 3 others in the market they awarded our 4 person 72 hour survival kit best overall.

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Survival Kit

Survival Kits

Our Survival Kits contain the most reliable emergency food, water, shelter, lighting, warmth and communication supplies available so they are ready when you need them most.

Office Survival Kit

Office Survival Kits

Back by popular demand: Fire Escape Ladders 2 storey & 3 Storey, check them out if you are in multi storey building.  We stock a large range of survival kits for workplaces large or small, from our 25 person office kits right through to Civil Defence cabinet supplies.

New Individual Staff Office Kits available.  Less than $50.00 per staff member. Check it out.

These can be customised to suit your needs. Please contact us for quote

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits`

NEW The T Ring Touriquet a must for all First Aid Kits, sold exclusively by

We stock a range of high quality first aid kits covering a wide range of possible injuries and emergency requirements.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment and Storage

We can supply a wide range of water treatment products including the range of high-quality Katadyn portable water purifiers.

Emergency Food

Emergency Food stocks the widest range of emergency and survival food in New Zealand including Mayday ration bars and Freeze-Dri food.

Lighting and Heating

Lighting and Heating

Our range of lighting and heating products are reliable and highly useful in situation from a small powercut to a major disaster.

Survival Kits

Natural Disasters and emergency situations seem to appear on your television every night along with constant warnings from Civil Defence, local councils and the media, urging people to be prepared with emergency equipment. Those that have taken caution in the past have saved their own lives and the lives of others.
So are you prepared?

If an emergency strikes, you may not have time to gather the necessary essentials. You need to have reliable supplies that you can count on during a time of emergency when stores will be closed and roads will be down. It is imperative that you have sufficient quantities of water, food, medical supplies and equipment to sustain life for at least 3 days, or until help arrives.

But don't waste your time and money buying unreliable emergency supplies separately to make your own survival kit. Emergency preparedness experts at have designed our Survival Kits to contain the most reliable emergency food, water, shelter, lighting, warmth and communication supplies available so they are ready when you need them most. Don't wait until it's too late, get prepared today!

Emergency Supplies

At, we offer an extremely diverse, yet specialized array of first aid, search & rescue, and disaster preparedness products. Whether for the home, car, or office, we carry everything that you could possibly need to assist yourself and those you are responsible for in the event of an emergency.

You will find our supplies not only invaluable in times of disasters and emergency but also extremely useful for outdoor camping situations or power outages.

Disaster Information

We believe that the best way to prevent and respond to emergencies is through education and thoughtful preparation. We provide you with comprehensive information about what causes the natural disasters that threaten our country. These educational tools should be used to help you understand what to do in the event of a major natural event, such as an earthquake or flood, and to teach you about the particular disasters that may affect you.