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About is a privately owned and operated New Zealand business formed in late 2004. We are a specialty retailer of outdoor survival and emergency preparedness products. Our aim is to provide a range of innovative products that enable our customers to take positive action in an emergency improving their chances of survival.

Until now New Zealanders did not have a site (or store for that matter) dedicated to bringing consumers the 'best' in outdoor survival and emergency preparedness products.

Our customers includes New Zealanders who are at risk from periodic natural disasters, those that wish to be prepared given recent world events, outdoor adventurers and camping enthusiasts. History Survival kit In the last three decades, close to three million people have died from natural disasters around the world, and the number of injured, homeless and affected people has been countless. While loss of life from natural disasters in New Zealand is relatively low, events such as the recent Manawatu-Wanganui floods, Cyclone Bola in 1988 and the Hawkes Bay earthquake in 1931 (256 people dead) remind us that New Zealand is not immune to natural disasters.

In the event of a major disaster it may be days or even weeks before help can arrive and in a national disaster supplies may quickly run out. was formed to assist New Zealanders in being prepared for these natural disasters or emergencies.

We were confused by the lack of available complete survival kits on the market when we were consistantly reminded that we should always have one ready. We set out to develop a emergency survival kit that could sustain life and provide assistance to those in need for up to 3 days. It was not an easy task with many products available being hard to find and many either inadequate or unreliable in desperate times. Most of our suppliers have been sourced in New Zealand although, some items have been imported where a reliabile alternative has not been available here (such as the food bars).

We are proud of all the products we stock and are true believers that if we won't use it, we won't sell it.

We would appreciate any feedback you have on our products or website. We also welcome any potential suppliers who feel their range would be of benefit to our customers.
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