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Nitestik Safety Mark - Royal purple

Category: Candles and Lightsticks Product Code: 7095 
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Product description:

The Nitestik Safety Marker is stronger, slicker and cooler than ever. We challenge anyone not to find a use for one! Using Photoluminescent pigment technology, the Nitestik Safety Marker is highly visible even in total darkness. Designed for marking equipment and personal property, it is useful to anything you might wish to locate in the dark. Vibrant coloured and acrylic housed the amazing Nitestik uses state-of-the-art technology that is environmentally friendly. Inside each Nitestik is a rare earth-activated alkali earth aluminate-silicate, that can continuously give off light for over 12 hours in darkness by absorption of various visible light. This new age pigment will charge under light, then discharge in darkness 365 days of the year, for more than 10 years. No Batteries......Lasts up to 10 years......That's pretty impressive stuff! Potential list of uses for this fantastic product - - Ideal keyring - never lose your keys in the dark again - great for finding keyholes in the pitch black after a night out! - Camping gear - attach to tents, kit, mallets, corner pegs, torches, you name it and it will glow - Pet collar tag - for the nocturnal feline/canine wanderer - Fishing gear tag light - Emergency equipment Features - Glows for 10 Years! - Glows for over 12 hours in darkness - Visibility 20 metres - Waterproof to 30 metres - Environmentally Friendly - Requires no power - Length: 51 mm - Width: 10 mm