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15 Person Individual Staff Pack

Category: Other Emergency and Survival Kits Workplace Survival Kits Office & Workplace Survival Kits & Supplies Product Code: 8016 
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Product description:

This new product will allow each staff member to have their own survival kit with them at their desk meaning they will have food, water, warmth, First Aid, Light & Whistle with them if they are trapped alone.


Individual Staff Survival Kit: x 15

1 x Drawstring Bag

1 x 1200cal Ration Food (5 year shelf life, 1 day supply food)

1 x Survival Blanket

1 x Whistle

2 x 125ml Water Sachets

1 x Foldflat Respirator

1 x lightstick

1 x handy First Aid Kit (includes: gloves, tissues and scissors)

1 x earplugs

1 x Rubbish Bag (hygiene needs)

Main Kit: x 1 (caters for 15 staff)

2 x Fleece Blanket

2x 20m Rope

2 x Torch & spare batteries

1 x Hand Sanitizer

1 x Tarpaulin (Temorary Shelter)

1 x Radio & spare batteries

1 x 10 ltr Water Container

1 x sheet 10 water purification tablets (will purify 10 ltrs)

2 x leather gloves

2 x Safety glasses

2x safety helmet

2 x fabric duct tape (for windows)

1 x storage bin